Yvonne Lashani, Graduate Translator (BDÜ)
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In Germany, translations are usually charged by the line (one line equals 55 keystrokes, including spaces). Since this calculation is based on the target text line, you as a customer cannot see immediately how much you will have to pay in the end. So, for your convenience, I also offer you to charge you by the source text line.

Unfortunately, giving you a general price per line is not realistic as the amount of work for translating your documents always depends on various aspects. You will, however, get a rough idea with the following guidelines:

Line TL*
Line SL**
Line SL**
General Text appr. 1,00 EUR appr. 1,25 EUR appr. 1,20 EUR
Specialized Text appr. 1,20 EUR appr. 1,50 EUR appr. 1,40 EUR
* TL = Target language / ** SL = Source language
Individual quote

If you have the text at hand that you want to be translated, send me an e-mail with an excerpt of it or call me. I am looking forward to giving you my best price.